Manual de Derecho deportivo: ordenamiento nacional e internacional de fútbol

Wednesday, 13 de March de 2024

Our partners Jordi López, Yago Vázquez Moraga and Lucas Ferrer have collaborated in the book "Manual de Derecho deportivo: ordenamiento nacional e internacional de fútbol". It is a comprehensive sport law related compendium published in Buenos Aires by Editorial Estudio under the direction of Daniel Crespo and the coordination of Marcelo E. Haissiner. Yago Vázquez is the author of chapter IV, "Co-ownership between clubs of percentages of future transfers of football players. The player himself as a co-owner". Chapter VI, by Lucas Ferrer, is entitled "Study and analysis of the FIFA regulations on the protection of minors". Finally, Jordi López participates with chapter XI, "The sporting successor of the debtor club and its liability towards creditors recognized in the sporting disciplinary field. Jurisprudence of FIFA and CAS".

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