The Team

A cohesive group of professionals committed to you

We can only achieve our objectives thanks to the work, efforts, and commitment of all our lawyers and collaborators, who are the very soul of Statim. Without them, Statim would be nothing more than a name. For this reason, we care about our team’s well-being, training and development, and make sure that all its members obtain the success and recognition they deserve. 
We know that to give our best, we must work as a team. And we do. We are a polyphony: we work on all matters in a multidisciplinary fashion to provide the best solution to each problem.   


Lawyers and Professionals

We transform your challenges into triumphs

With our specialized experience and advice tailored to your needs, we will accompany you in all the challenges you may need to face.  Get in touch with us, tell us about your case, and we can discuss how we can help you