Commitment and loyalty, preparation to face the challenges of the future

We owe everything to our clients. They are our reason for being and an essential part of who we are. There is a part of each of them in Statim. We are proud of all of them, and we are honored to have gained their confidence. Our objective is to be a part of their team, participate in their projects, help them make their strategic decisions, anticipate and avoid legal problems, and be the solution to those problems.

We are committed to what we do, and place all our intelligence, know-how, and effort at the service of our clients, to whom we are loyal and with whom we are always honest. We know the law, but we also know our clients’ industries and activities, which allows us to provide bespoke advice.

Conscious of the speed at which the world and the business environment can transform, we prepare ourselves for the new challenges our clients will have to face in the future so that we never fall behind. To do so, we strive daily to become better attorneys and to provide our quality service at the level our clients deserve and demand.


What do our clients have to say about us?

Though our greatest recognition is our client’s satisfaction, others have also recognized our work:

We transform your challenges into triumphs

With our specialized experience and advice tailored to your needs, we will accompany you in all the challenges you may need to face.  Get in touch with us, tell us about your case, and we can discuss how we can help you