— Statim

adv. [de stō]  

  • Firmly, without backing down

  • In a permanent or constant manner

  • Immediately

Statim is the result of 20 years of hard work, training, and ample experience, all of which drove its three founding partners towards the need to create a comprehensive legal advisory firm where they could uphold the values, objectives, and methodology in which they believe. Thanks to the professionals who believed in that idea from the beginning and aspired to it, Statim was born: a law firm built upon a cohesive team that shares that same approach to the practice of law. The result of the foregoing is placed at the service of an idea: absolute commitment to our clients and to our profession, which is reflected in Statim’s character.

Though our greatest recognition is our client’s satisfaction, others have also recognized our work:

We transform your challenges into triumphs

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