Saint Raimon 2024

Thursday, 13 de June de 2024

On June 12, on the occasion of the activities of Sant Raimon de Penyafort 2024, the Barcelona Bar Association celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the Barcelona lawyers who became members in 1974. Among the honorees was our of counsel, Prof. José Luis Vázquez Sotelo, who that year, after obtaining a leave of absence from his position as court clerk, joined the Barcelona Bar Association to practice law, which he has been doing for 50 years.

It was a very emotional event where, while honoring those who have dedicated half a century of their lives to this noble profession, the vital work that the legal profession does for society was recalled and celebrated because, as Calamandrei recalled (Demasiados Abogados, 1921), justice could not function without the existence of lawyers who, with their work and tenacity, allow the law to be sublimated in the Justice of the specific case.

Thanks to Mr. Jesús Sánchez García, Dean of the Barcelona Bar Association, as well as to Ms. Marta Martínez Gellida, President of the Council of the Bar Associations of Catalonia and Dean of the Tortosa Bar Association, for the love, respect and affection they showed to Prof. Vázquez Sotelo and the praiseworthy words they dedicated to him.

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