The continuous evolution of technology and platforms for doing business has transformed industries and sectors, such as audiovisual and entertainment.  At Statim we make sure our clients can develop their activity in such industries and sectors in a legally secure environment.

The constant emergence of new technologies, platforms, and applications and services in the information society, as well as the sophistication of audiovisual distribution channels and the means of advertising products and content, have in recent years transformed not only the way of doing business in the market, but also our profession itself, and the firm’s lawyers have adapted to this inevitable reality as it has evolved.  At Statim we ensure that the client can carry out its activity in such environments in a safe manner and in full compliance with the law. 

Our services and experience in this field include adapting our clients' websites and apps to the regulations on information society services and other applicable regulations, providing legal advice on the configuration of electronic contracting platforms and OTT, analyzing advertising campaigns from the regulatory compliance perspective, implementing the GDPR and the Spanish regulations on data protection in our clients, preparing and negotiating contracts for the commercialization of audiovisual rights, implementing the precise regulatory precautions for the conducting sweepstakes and other promotions, technology protection and licensing to third parties, developing NFTs, projects based on blockchain technology, asset tokenization, conducting business and promotions through social networks, as well as giving ongoing advice to companies in the telecommunications, media and technology sector and participating in corporate transactions related to companies in this sector. We also have extensive experience in the field of development, protection, and licensing of all types of software and applications.

Furthermore, we defend our clients’ interests before the competent administrative bodies and courts in inspections and claims of all kinds related to such matters.

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