Litigation & Arbitration

The judicial or arbitration procedure does not always turn out to be the fastest or most efficient way forward in terms of costs to reach a solution to a dispute, but in certain instances it is the only way

At Statim we apply negotiation strategies aimed at avoiding disputes, always striving to exhaust any available extrajudicial means for resolving conflicts that arise. However, when this is not possible, we defend our clients’ interests with the greatest intensity and honesty in all types of proceedings before the courts of justice (in all its jurisdictional branches and before all instances, including the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court) and national and international arbitration courts, such as the ICC, TAS-CAS, the Madrid Court of Arbitration, the Spanish Court of Arbitration, the Barcelona Court of Arbitration, and the Football Arbitration Tribunal, in conflicts as diverse as those derived from company acquisitions, contractual breaches, and non-contractual claims for damages.

Likewise, we take care of directing the litigation strategy for our clients in multi-jurisdictional or cross-border conflicts, coordinating the actions of the lawyers who act in our clients’ interests in each of the countries where the conflict occurs.  The fact that our team is able to work in five languages facilitates this task.

All members of Statim litigate, which makes the difference in a legal market that tends towards segmenting practice areas and specialization. We believe in specialization, but we also believe in two other things: that a lawyer who does not litigate misses out on one of the greatest challenges that our profession offers, and that, by litigating, one also learns to negotiate contracts and structure corporate transactions, thus becoming able to give our clients the best possible preventive advice.

In addition, several of our attorneys also act as arbitrators in arbitration proceedings of a commercial nature, as experts in Spanish law in international arbitration and judicial proceedings before foreign jurisdictions, and as mediators in private conflicts.

We transform your challenges into triumphs

With our specialized experience and advice tailored to your needs, we will accompany you in all the challenges you may need to face.  Get in touch with us, tell us about your case, and we can discuss how we can help you