Labour & Employment 

We work to avoid conflicts between a company and its employees and ensure proper compliance from our clients with labor and Social Security regulations.

Minimizing the sources of conflict between employer and employee and faithfully advising clients in compliance with the very detailed labor and Social Security regulations are challenges we have set for ourselves and which we strive to meet, though we are also aware that, despite these efforts, in the labor context, contentious situations inevitably arise; when they do, we take care of resolving them.

As such, from a prevention standpoint, we provide services to our clients (both employers and employees) on topics such as drafting labor contracts, enabling compliance with the Social Security regime, establishing special labor relations (senior managers, professional athletes, artists, …), designing compensation schemes (incentives, stock options, phantom stock, …), and remote working schemes. In the case of companies, we advise them on the preparation of equal opportunity plans and harassment prevention protocols, payroll, processing employee registrations and terminations, obtaining NIEs, residence and work permits, and generally all other matters related to labor relations management and to the company’s interaction with Social Security and other bodies.

We also carry out labor compliance review or audit processes (especially within the framework of corporate transactions involving the acquisition of companies or assets, ownership stakes, and mergers), and we participate in collective bargaining processes.

Moreover, we defend our clients’ interests in all manners of administrative and judicial procedures of an employment nature, such as dismissals, claims for compensation, fundamental rights violations, substantial modification of working conditions, workplace accidents, labor inspections, and employment level adjustment processes.

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