Entrepreneurship & Innovation 

At Statim we believe in entrepreneurs and support innovative ideas, providing them with the vehicle and tools for such ideas to be executed and developed in a legally secure environment.

We take care of the entire process of setting up the company that owns the project, articulating the relationships between its members through the appropriate shareholders agreements, reviewing the pitch deck from a legal standpoint, protecting the project’s technology, conducting the subsequent investment rounds to raise capital, providing ongoing advice to the company in all aspects related to its business and operations, and, finally, in the sale of the company to a third party.

In other words: the entrepreneurs are in charge of generating and consolidating their business, Statim is in charge of the rest. We are committed to talent, which must dedicate itself to what really matters.

We also advise all types of investors (both individuals and professionals) who wish to participate in start-ups and other innovation projects.  We lead or monitor the corresponding capital increase, share transfer, and/or financing operations prior to conducting the appropriate due diligence processes on the target company and identifying the legal risks of the environment, as well as subsequently managing the divestment process.

In this regard, we possess experience in sectors as diverse as event production and entertainment, e-commerce, real estate, sports, healthcare, audiovisual, and technology.

We transform your challenges into triumphs

With our specialized experience and advice tailored to your needs, we will accompany you in all the challenges you may need to face.  Get in touch with us, tell us about your case, and we can discuss how we can help you